Thanks for Taking the Time

I was on my way into the grocery store the other day and saw a homeless man transferring a donated cup of coffee into his sturdier thermos. I said hello and asked him how he was doing. He responded as I listened, then I touched his arm and thanked him for chatting. Then he said, “Thank you for asking.” That is not what caught me off guard. It was his second expression of gratitude that tugged at my heart. He thanked me again but I knew what he really meant when he said, “No, really…thank you for asking.”  I think what he was really saying was, “Thanks for taking the time, thank you for bothering to even acknowledge that I am a living, breathing child of the Lord God.”

Overlooked. How many times did Jesus stop and meet, talk to, encourage and lift up those who were “overlooked” by society? The woman at the well at noon, the curious and despised man up in a tree, the leper on the side of the road, the blind man. How many times?

It is easy to overlook those who are most in need of a greeting, a touch on the arm, a smile, or a blessing. Our world and our days are busy. We scurry about thinking that our agenda is the most important agenda. But it really isn’t the most important. Our agenda should be God’s agenda. That is why we are here. Somehow, we have missed the mark. We have been confused along the journey of our busy lives. The world has taught us that getting the biggest and the best, getting it more quickly than our neighbor does, or purchasing the newest, fancier phone is our priority. Oh, how we have missed the mark.

Right in front of us, every single day…our Lord is walking among us, with us, beside us and we are just too busy to see or pay attention.

Each time you sit with our Lord in prayer, each time you read His words and hear His whispering Spirit, God says, “No, thanks…really, thanks for asking, thanks for noticing…thanks for taking the time.

© C.L. Burger

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