I have discovered there will be roadblocks whenever God calls me to accomplish something for his Kingdom. What I find most interesting about life’s roadblocks, is they seem to show up more frequently when I am determined to follow God’s call in my life. You already know since you are following this blog, that I have run into a few roadblocks in getting this book written and published. Today, I hit another one. At first, I was discouraged and then I recognized what was happening. The enemy was trying to tempt me to throw in the proverbial towel.

            Those of you who know my life story (seriously the book will be coming out soon I promise!) know that I don’t take roadblocks lightly. Instead, I usually see them as a confirmation that I must be on the right path. Otherwise, it would be a breeze and there wouldn’t be any hurdles or darts thrown my way.

         This morning as I faced yet another roadblock to publication (Yep, right after a significant breakthrough yesterday!)  I reached out to a few prayer warriors and said, “I need you to pray for a miracle!”

            I can’t emphasize enough, the importance of having prayer warriors in your life. If you don’t have any, get some now! The power of prayer is mighty and there will be times when you will need that power. We need God and each other. We can’t do this thing called “life” all by ourselves. We need something greater (for me, it is Jesus) and we need each other.

            Have you run into a few roadblocks in your life? You may want to ask God if the roadblocks came from Him, you or the enemy. Is God protecting you from going down the wrong path? Or are you tossing those boulders on the road yourself to sabotage the good thing the Lord wants to do in your life? On the other hand, is it the enemy trying to stop what God wants to do in this world? Ask and the Holy Spirit will tell you. In my case, the enemy is out of luck today. God made me stubborn for a reason and I am not giving up! God is faithful!

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