So This Happened

This whole “book writing” thing started out as a bucket list item. I wrote my memoir to leave my granddaughters an overview of their grandmother’s life. The main reason for my story is to emphasize how God has walked with me every step of the way. You see, I wanted my granddaughters (and other readers) to know that life can be tough sometimes and trying to “go it alone” isn’t always easy. For me, having a higher power (Jesus) has quite literally kept me alive. When asked what my book is about, I tell people it is a mix of Oliver Twist and most any Stephen King novel.

            I will admit it feels strange to be filling out my Medicare application while at the same time, publishing a book. Some might say, “Better late than never.” I’m saying, “What was I thinking?” After spending over an hour on hold with the social security administration, part of me thinks writing the book was easier than applying for Medicare.  

           There is much more to writing a book than just putting words on a piece of paper. For example, there is also the marketing. Some authors like the “marketing” side of things. I’m not one of the some. I prefer to stay behind the scenes, to share as I feel moved by Holy Spirit and to quietly let folks know about the book. To me, a social media site seemed like a good option and the perfect first step to marketing (or so I thought). You see, with social media, I don’t actually have to talk to someone in person and they can learn about the book by joining my page. Mistake number (Oh, I don’t know…just fill in the blank!)

           I found myself in a rather ugly situation. What I thought was regular people who might be interested in a Christian memoir, included an underground fraud ring with everything from catfishing to pornographic sales sites. Oh my! Enough said.

            So, today I invited the people I actually know to “like” my author page. The personal page (which is no longer open to the public) will be removed by the end of the week and I will take a deep breath and regroup. After next week, those of you who “like” my author page or follow my blog will be the first to hear about the book title and publication update.

            As for the rest of you sending me scam letters about your lost phones or the accidents you’ve been in or the magic beans you want to sell me…I’m already praying for you. I think applying for Medicare is definitely easier.

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