The Silence before the Crescendo

It feels like the silence before a crescendo. It’s a long story, but my phone was deactivated due to a recent hack. The bottom line is the past couple of days, I was offline dealing with high tech companies, robot voice recordings and endless loops of sending me back to where I started. Does that sound familiar to any of you?

            Yet, as it is with God, some of the most abundant things in life come out of silence. My book Once in a Lullaby: My Journey Home is now available on Amazon in the Kindle version. Although Amazon only shows one format (Kindle) please know that the paperback should be ready this week sometime.

           I received the “proof copy” of the paperback in the mail and with just a couple of tweaks; it will be good to go. If you prefer the Kindle version, please check it out on Amazon. If you (like me) prefer the old-fashioned book, I hope you like the cover as much as I do. On my facebook page for the book, I told you how I chose the cover image. I love the way God leads us every step of the way!

           Life with God is truly an adventure if we see with spiritual eyes. I was a bit flustered when I had to deactivate and restore my phone, but then I read about the recent password exposure on Facebook. The hacking incident might be connected to some of the strange activity on the Facebook page for the book. Who knows?

            In the past two days, God has helped me reclaim the joy of silence. I no longer have certain “apps” on my phone and I noticed I suddenly have more time to get things done. Isn’t it funny how that works? 😉 I have more time to write so this blog will be my writing focus. I’m not writing another book just yet. At least that’s what I’m saying. God on the other hand, may have other ideas. I suspect He is creating something for me in the silence.

Thank you for reading my book. I would appreciate it if you would write a review so others can decide if they want to check it out.

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