Move Gently Into Your Day

           I watched my elderly cat stand up and move in a dazed ritual. He stretched out his paws, turned methodically in a circle, curled up into a tight ball and fell asleep. The irony is I’ve been doing the same thing for the past five days. I had little choice but to rest. I was slammed with a flu bug the day after my book became available on Amazon. I’m not certain it is the flu because I didn’t have the body aches that come with the flu. I was mostly exhausted. I wasn’t surprised. My pattern in college was to “hold off” any illness until I had taken my last final of the semester. Inevitably, I nearly collapsed every year over the school break.

            Those of you who read the book will understand that a pattern developed in my life of “pressing through.” Perseverance can be a good thing. Today, as I come out of my “flu-fog” (for lack of a better description) I am grateful.

           I’m grateful for friends who have prayed for me to get through this. I’m grateful that I work from home and can write from a laptop in bed while I lob my umpteenth tissue into the basket. (Look out Stephen Curry you have some competition!) I’m grateful for quiet rest. I am most grateful though, for God’s reminder that my connection to the Divine in life is the most important thing about life.

           It’s difficult to appreciate God in the midst of rush. Sometimes that rush isn’t anything we do. The rush today is all the information, data, and stuff that comes frantically flying at us from the outside.

          The benefit of a recent phone hack (that’s another blog post) is that I have fewer widgets and gadgets coming at me. I’m less distracted by “stuff and chatter” and more aware of God around me. This morning, I’m grateful for the small amount of energy I have. I feel better than I did yesterday. At the same time, I know I must move gently into the world today. It is possible I will need a nap after I shower and empty the dishwasher. That’s okay. I can rest gratefully knowing that the one who holds me moves gently through our world patiently waiting for us to set aside the widgets and gadgets so we can simply rest in the One. Everything else…is just stuff.

Move gently into the world today.

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