Re-calibrate or de’javu all over again

God keeps bringing me back around to the word He gave me at the beginning of the year. That word is “recalibrate.” As I’ve said before, that’s an odd word for me. I wondered about it when God dropped that word into my spirit in January. I usually think about machines and gizmos and gadgets when I think of the word re-calibrate. From time to time, I have forgotten about the word so God reminds me.

Now the word itself is really “calibrate.” One of the’s definitions seemed to resonate for me when I read it this morning. It is, “to plan or devise (something) carefully so as to have a precise use, application, appeal etc.” The odd thing (and one I find somewhat ironic) is that recalibrating has involved throwing my plans out the window. Let me explain.

I planned carefully (or so I thought) to promote my new book on Facebook and in other ways after publication. I was certain I would have the time, energy and “oomph” (as my spiritual director likes to say) of Holy Spirit to do exactly that. WRONG! I’ve already mentioned that I came down with a nasty flu bug that morphed into another bout of borderline pneumonia. Ten days in bed and still running on fumes, my “plans” are nothing and now everything rests in God’s hands.

God seems to be saying, “Less is more.” Suddenly my phone and internet crashed about the same time. God reminded me, that He has a plan and I just need to follow His lead. It wasn’t my planning that needed to recalibrate, it was my spirit of surrender (yet again, or am I the only one this happens to?) 😉

Interestingly enough, here are a few other words that are related to the word calibrate (per amendfixremedyredressimproverestorevindicateneutralizemendcounteractregulatecorrectmitigaterectifyassuagerelievesolvealleviateamelioratetighten

In the quiet rest and restoration of my soul and spirit during this recent illness, God is recalibrating me. Holy Spirit is bringing “priorities” into sharper focus. There is only one thing that matters as I amend, improve, restore, relieve, solve and ameliorate my soul and spirit and that is keeping my eye on God and what GOD wants my plans to be.

His ways are not my ways. I suspect until I truly get that fact, recalibrating will be an ongoing adventure. 😉

How about you? How is God calling you to recalibrate your life?

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