Less is More

In my recent recalibration by God, I have re-discovered the adage that “less is more.” In the process of embracing less, I am discovering a fullness that I have truly missed.

           This is how “more” got in the way. Slowly over time, I discovered I was taking on more than I could handle. That’s not necessarily a new thing in my life, but it is one that I endeavor to change as I become a senior (excuse me as I check for another gray hair.)

            In the process of writing my recent memoir, I was under the impression that I needed to set up a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Instagram and a squirrel cage. Okay, maybe not that last one, but that is exactly where I found myself in the end. I was like a squirrel in a cage running in circles. I just wasn’t up for it. All of a sudden, this cave-dweller personality of mine was thrust into the light and quite honestly, I didn’t like it at all.

            Authentic is what I am seeking. If I pretend to be someone I am not, just to get you to read my book, then what’s the point? I shared from my heart in the book and hope that readers will gather some encouragement and strength and if that happens, I’m grateful.

            I’m not authentic in the midst of lights and bells and whistles around me. Maybe that’s because when it comes to God and all things Holy, bells and whistles don’t always cut it. It’s being real that makes the true difference. Anything that steals the authentic from our life, in my opinion, calls for a review.

           The recent adventure in having my Facebook account hacked actually ended up saving my sanity. I deleted Facebook and Messenger from my phone. During the season of Lent, I was letting go of the frenetic in my life. Now I breathe freely. Funny how that works. I almost revisited my pneumonia from last year, until God gave me more oxygen and more room to breathe.

           The vitriol, bitterness, political fighting and nonsense that was spewing at me at all times of the day (and sometimes night) was a swirl of toxic air that was cutting off my oxygen supply. I needed a change.

            Today, I’m grateful for simplifying. I’m grateful that God has opened more time for me to spend in the Word, to meditate on the glory and goodness of God and remind me that in spite of the ugliness in our world, our God is still bright and beautiful and present.

           My hope and prayer for you today is that God will help you see where the air is stagnant in your life and where the oxygen supply of Holy Spirit needs to flow in full measure again. As we move into the celebration of New Life and Resurrection, let’s do what we can to breathe in the Holy. Who knows, it might just clear the air for more than just ourselves.

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