The One Thing

My husband refers to himself as a spiritual piggy because he is always seeking “more” from God. That piggy reference carried over recently to our backyard. We planted several irises (our favorite flower) in the yard a few years ago. However, the shade from our citrus trees will not prompt our flowering plants. Last year, a major windstorm broke some hefty branches from the lemon tree, which allowed for more light. Ta-dah! Flowering irises! The iris that bloomed recently is our favorite color and we marvel at the beauty of God’s creation. My hubby and I want more. We want all the irises to bloom.

            God reminded me as I reflected on the beauty of that single iris, that “one thing” is most important and that is my relationship with God. In the story of Jesus visiting the home of Martha and Mary, Jesus tells Martha that Mary had chosen the better portion. Mary had chosen to sit at our Lord’s feet and listen to what he said.

           I don’t know about you, but I often find myself focusing on too many things. Most of which would qualify as the minutia of life in my opinion. When I focus on all that is happening around me whether it is political strife, lack of resources, health issues, or plans for the future, I miss what is truly important.

The one thing.

           Is the minutia of life blocking the light of God for you? How can you clear space for more of God’s light? One thing is most important and that is our relationship with God. When we focus on that single point of beauty and light, we clear the way for new growth and new bloom.

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