I just spent a wonderful weekend with my family at the coast. I treasure the time we have together. Having all of them there at the same time was an amazing gift. We celebrated my birthday that pushed me over the line to Medicare. I could not help but reflect on the fact that I was the matriarch in that weekend beach home. My sweet granddaughters smothered me in hugs and my own children treated me like gold. It is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.

           I noticed that I also longed for times past. Times when my own children were little and running about the house in excitement and rolling with laughter together. It was a bittersweet time of reflecting back on my own challenges of parenting children as they wrestled for their autonomy at the young ages of two, three, four and five.

           There was also a longing for a simpler time. A time when life was not packed with information, a time when connecting didn’t require a phone in the hand of the other. I desperately wanted the moments we spent this past weekend to last much longer than they did. I suppose we all want something similar. Maybe that’s why spending time with family and close friends is a rare treasure today. I believe that spending quality time with family is one of the core values we, as a society, have lost somewhere along the way.

            The time I spent with my loved ones reminded me that we can create a simpler time if we choose. We can spend more time flying kites, chasing butterflies and dancing in the ocean waves. We can put down our phones, take a walk together, and discover the beauty of God’s creation all around is. We can listen to the laughter and giggles of a little child and smile with joy. That is still available to us if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Love is still in our midst. We can’t miss Love if we are open to being present in the moment, to pay attention to the “real” in the world and know that we are all connected.

            As we approach Resurrection Day, my prayer is that each of you will find a sense of renewal. It is possible the renewal you are looking for is right in front of you.

May God open your eyes to see and your ears to hear the Love that has always been with you.  


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