Peter was not ready for what came next. He told Jesus, “Teacher, you are wrong. This just can’t be so!” Yet the Master said, “Get behind me Satan.”

Peter had it wrong. There was a resolute purpose in every fiber of His being. There was a mission, a goal, a calling. This is why he came. This is why he called the question of the Pharisees. This is why he cracked the whip in the temple. This is why he called the woman daughter after she touched the hem of his robe. This is why he taught the disciples. What came next was the fulfillment of His ministry.

So often, when God calls, we say like Peter, “This can’t be so. Surely Lord you don’t mean what you are asking.” And then with ego crucified, we humbly surrender and say, “Here I am Lord, do as you will.” Daily we surrender to the next call so that His life and resurrection is multiplied through His broken body and shed blood.

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