A God of Hope and New Life

I found a plant in a pot back in November that looked like it had died. We had buckets of rain and even some cold temperatures and I was certain there was no life in the poor plant that had been beaten down by the storms. I decided to recycle the pot, so I dumped the bedraggled plant into my garden to add the soil in the pot to the rest of the flower garden. I didn’t even mix the soil. I just left the little mound of soil in a small pile in the garden.

Recently, I noticed something growing in the garden that I didn’t recognize. There in the very spot I dumped the soil was the new growth of a Zinnia. It even had a visible bloom of a flower ready to open. How is that possible?  I was sure the pot I dumped there held nothing more than soil and the dead leaves of a withered plant. I looked again. The circular pile of soil was still obvious on the surface of the ground where I dumped it back in Novembe. Yet, right in the middle, was the growth of a new plant.

God reminded me when I saw the plant that out of death, new growth comes. As Easter approaches, I pray we will remember the miracle of resurrection that rises out of darkness and death. Jesus died on the cross to bring hope and new life.

When you think your life is finished because of a divorce, the loss of a job or early retirement or anything else that causes you to overlook the possibilities God is growing in the darkness, have hope. Nothing is impossible for our God. What we see as dead, may be the very thing God uses to bring new life.

Don’t give up before your miracles. Our God is a God of hope and new life!

Blessed Resurrection Day to You!


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