Do Not Be Afraid

The word for today from Five Minute Friday is Promise.

            There are so many promises from our God in the Holy Word. One promise that resonates for me personally and perhaps for some of you is from Isaiah 41:10. The New Living Translation Bible says, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”

            Have you ever felt distant from God? I know I have. Sometimes that distance is because I need to turn around and go a new direction. I call it a re-direct from God. Other times, it is because God wants to draw me near, to seek God and draw close to Him. I think of the desert experience on our spiritual journey known as “The Dark Night of the Soul.” St. John of the Cross explains this spiritual desert well. Mother Theresa experienced it and the book Mother Theresa: Come Be My Light brings hope to others who are walking through that same desert.

            My spiritual director explained the Dark Night of the Soul like this. “Sometimes we are so close to the Light, we are temporarily blinded and feel like we are in the dark.” I must say, that explanation helped me persevere and seek even harder after my Lord. I want to be close to Holy Spirit, to draw near, especially in times of struggle. In spite of my circumstances, or how distraught I may be in the moment, I need Holy Spirit’s reassurance that all shall be well.

            This morning I asked what God wanted to say about the word promise and this song popped into my head. I was singing it in the shower, humming it as I made my coffee and remembering times when others had sung it to me through a time of deep trial. Yep…that’s what God wants to say to you this morning. Stay strong. Do not be afraid. God IS with you, no matter what!

STOP – Five Minutes are up.

1 thought on “Do Not Be Afraid

  1. Beautifully developed an expressed.

    If I may, you inspired a bit of verse.

    These are now the demon-lands
    of malignancies a-growing;
    there’s not a place for holding hands,
    no gnostic special knowing.
    I surely didn’t want this war
    but it’s the only one I’ve got,
    and while no-one is keeping score
    it matters how I’ve fought.
    I hope that God is watching me
    because it’s quite a show
    and while I won’t see victory
    I’m returning every blow.
    And in the far-off dawn I see a vision,
    my comradeship of dead men risen.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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