The Little Things

I have lost a few people in my life, but I’ve never forgotten them. The little things remind me of the times we spent together. The little things help me remember the joy and not the pain.

            My father loved to tell jokes. They were usually puns or some other play on words. Today, when my cousin or friends post a pun on Facebook, I smile knowing that Dad would have loved it. I remember the twinkle in my dad’s eye as he waited for a chuckle or a groan from his daughters each time he told a joke. I know it’s a little thing, but it means so much.  

            My friend Saul loved to water plants. Anytime, anywhere…Saul loved watering flowers and plants. He told me that I needed to spend more time watering the plants in my yard. He told me to count to a certain number and then I would know the plant got enough water. To this day, I count while I water my plants and every time, I remember Saul.

            Another good friend, Alan, taught me a trick for my dry erase board at work. He showed me that if I took another dry erase pen and scribbled over the writing…the old print would easily disappear when I erased it. Every time I write and erase on my calendar, I think of Alan.

            Kitty was a friend I met in college and we were counselors at a summer camp together. I will never forget the time I removed at least a thousand pine needle splinters from the back of her leg when she took a nasty fall at camp. Each time I remove a splinter, Kitty comes to mind.

            We all have the little things in our life that remind us of the big thing called Love. Today spouses, relatives and friends of men and women who died in service to our country remember the little things too. I pray as they remember, they smile at the memory and their pain eases just a bit.

            To the men and women across our country who died so we could live and enjoy the little things…we thank you. Thank you for your sacrifice for our freedom. I pray all Americans will continue to cherish and protect our country’s democracy so your death is not in vain.

Lord help us to be grateful for the little things because so many men and women sacrificed the big thing for our freedom. Amen.

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