What Everyone Ought to Know about Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director walks with you as a companion on your spiritual journey. Spiritual Direction is a time set apart for you to notice where God is at work in your daily life. A Spiritual Director (Companion) helps facilitate this process. Desert fathers and mothers practiced the art of Spiritual Direction as early as the third and fourth centuries A.D.

            A Spiritual Director listens to Holy Spirit as s/he listens to you. In other words, the Spiritual Director listens behind the listening. Holy Listening offers spiritual direction on a one to one basis, in a group, or online via Skype, chat or through private email communication. Our Spiritual Directors follow the Code of Ethics as set by Spiritual Directors International. We do not force our personal theology upon you, rather we welcome you right where you are on your spiritual path.

            Anything can be a topic for Spiritual Direction. You do not need to have deep spiritual or theological thoughts in order to benefit from Spiritual Direction. God frequently shows up in the ordinary events of our day. Sometimes those events are so ordinary, we may fail to see God right in front of us.

            Spiritual Companions are not offended if you arrive and say nothing. Silence is a favorite meeting place for God. Some of the most profound experiences with God come from silence. We are trained to listen deeply to Holy Spirit as we listen to what you say as well as what you don’t say.

            Sometimes a Spiritual Director offers resources and tools when you find yourself stuck or unsure of the path ahead of you. God’s Holy Word, prayer or other Spiritual practices such as retreats, Lectio Divina, creative art, dance; labyrinth walks, moving through the Stations of the Cross etc.  are just a few examples of the type of helpful tools a spiritual director may share with you.

            Celebration is also a part of Spiritual Direction. A move of the Holy Spirit, personal breakthrough or epiphanies are wonderful times for celebration and rejoicing with God.

            Most of all Spiritual Companions are just like you. Very often, they have traveled a similar road. They have stumbled along the way and turned to God and their own spiritual companion for direction. The lessons learned from their journey can be exactly what you need to help you manage the spiritual rocks and potholes on unfamiliar or rough terrain. Each Spiritual Director is trained in the art of Spiritual Direction. You can click here or go to Holy Listening to learn more about our Spiritual Directors.

We welcome you to the journey.

Blessings as you travel the road.

C. L. Burger

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