Live Simply

“Live simply so others
may simply live.” Gandhi

Most of you know that writing is not a financially lucrative career…at least not the way I’m going about it. I’ve written one book, a handful of devotionals and a smattering of blog posts. I am not a career author by any means. Because of this, I have been wondering (aloud and in prayer) how to bring some income to our family, so I asked God, “What can I do to bring in some financial support to our family?” God was clear. “Give”

            Immediately I thought of friends who were ill or recovering from surgery. I also thought of my friend in convalescent care whom I’ve known almost forty years now. I am able to visit her each week primarily because my schedule is my own. I can write at four a.m. and visit my friend that same afternoon. I can visit people in the hospital whenever I’m not writing or in a writer’s workshop. I can give my time and my love.

            God gently reminded me that financial wealth is not the most important thing in life. Being radically available for the purpose of loving and caring for others is true wealth. Oh sure, I ooh and awe when my husband and I watch shows about living on a tropical island. I dream of infinity pools and empty beaches with hammocks on white sand, but then the show ends and I come back to reality. 😉

            We like our simple home. The truth is we are fortunate. My homeless friends taught me how to be truly grateful for what I have. I’m grateful my husband doesn’t insist on the latest gazillion inch TV or the most expensive car. To him it is more important to serve God and others. Taking care of grandbabies, preparing a meal for a church member, visiting those who are sick and encouraging others in our Christian faith is of much greater value. Today I give thanks for the wealth of living simply so others may simply live.


2 thoughts on “Live Simply

  1. Cathy Baldizon June 12, 2019 — 6:00 pm

    you simply nailed it, once again, Cindy! Wealth is relative.


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