The Goal of a Christian

This blog post is written for Five Minute Friday. The word for today “Goal.”

Many Christians think the primary goal of being a Christian is to get into Heaven. They go about their days (especially on Sunday) following the Ten Commandments, saying nice things about the pastor and helping the old person across the street. They are even kind to others, at least most of the time (cut-offs in the merge lane on the freeway being the exception of course.)

            The goal of Christianity is not to get into Heaven. Yes, that is a side benefit but the true goal of being a Christian is to be a disciple, otherwise known as a learner-doer of God’s Word. Christians are in fact, to be followers of Jesus Christ. The very definition of the word “Christian” is “little anointed one.”

            I suspect the Heaven travelers are squirming right now. They much prefer the first goal. They want the feel good, hot cup of coffee, awesome light effects and loud worship music. That is good enough for them. That’s all they need.

            Being a Christian is not that simple. The goal isn’t just to make it to the pearly gates of Heaven. The goal is to change the world because Christ Jesus has changed us. As little anointed ones, we are to become more like Jesus in the world today. We are to go about healing the sick, loving the unlovable, feeding the hungry, serving the downtrodden, fighting for justice for the oppressed and praying for our enemies.

The first goal is enough for the pearly gates Christian. The second goal is to be a “learner-doer” of the way of Jesus.

Which goal are you aiming for? Is your goal to make it into the gates of Heaven or to bring Heaven to Earth as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

<See me stepping down off my soapbox> 🙂  

1 thought on “The Goal of a Christian

  1. Yes, it is wonderful to be confident of Heaven…but I know there is so much more to following Christ here. Until He takes me home. Of course, that “so much more” is what makes this life beautiful and purposeful – and I suppose that is a worthy goal!:)


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