Ten Things to Do When You Feel Stuck

Photo by Tomas Tuma on Unsplash

We all have days when we feel stuck or unfocused on a task. Today was one of those days for me. Here are ten things to do when you are unfocused or stuck.

1)Admit that you are stuck. Yes, admitting it holds more power than you realize. Denying that you are stuck is not helpful. Trying to continue the task while remaining unfocused doesn’t work. Once you admit you are stuck…take the following action steps.

2) Pray and ask God for help. Yep…I said it! You will be surprised how much oomph God gives you when you ask.

3) Ask yourself what you are avoiding with the current project in front of you. One way to do that is to fill in the blanks of this next sentence or two. (Don’t think too much about this as you fill in the blanks. You will be surprised how quickly the answer comes.)

I don’t want to ___________because I am avoiding (feeling / doing/ saying/ knowing etc) _____________. I would rather be_________________. The biggest hurdle I am facing with this project right now is____________________.  

4) Change your environment. In other words, step away. Take a quick walk outside. Focus on your breathing. Take at least three long deep breaths as you step away. Slowly breathe deeply in…and out…three times.

5) What would you say to a friend who might face the same hurdle or resistance? Repeat those encouraging words to yourself. (Yes, positive self-talk or being your own cheerleader helps.)

6) How can you break this project down into bite-sized pieces? What can you realistically accomplish when you go back to your desk or work station?

7) How will you reward yourself for accomplishing the next bite-sized piece of the project? (Yes, bribery works on oneself too. BTW, I’m not trying to give subliminal messages with my use of the words bite-sized. ) 😉

8) If you have a clear choice to work on a different project, then do so. Who knows? Maybe while you are working on something else, you will regain your focus to work on your previous project.

9) Create a plan or give yourself an out. Decide what you will accomplish on the project today (bite-sized piece) or save the project for tomorrow. Then do it!

10) If tomorrow comes and you are still feeling stuck…find a better list of ten things to get unstuck and try those. I am sure I’m not the only one who has felt stuck and made a list of ten things to do. 🙂

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