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I had dinner and conversation with a good friend last night. As we discussed our country’s current division, I realized the solution cannot be found in the right candidate for President. Our division speaks to a much deeper issue…our own unhealed wounds.

            The quote by author Debra Farrington that I posted on my Facebook page yesterday expresses what I believe is at the core of our country’s division. Farrington writes in Hearing with the Heart.  

            When we do something hateful, hurtful, and cruel to someone else, that act, or the spirit of it, spreads from the victim to someone else, and it ripples outward like the small waves made by a stone thrown in a pond. When we practice kindness, concern, and graciousness, the same is true. It spreads to others. Each act is just a small thing, but it can further God’s will or help to defeat it.

            We have a choice in how we respond to someone who spreads toxic hate and division. Through the eyes of Christ, we can look deeper into their heart and see their wounds. Somewhere at some point in their life, they too were a victim of someone’s hate, hurt and cruelty. When their wounds remain unhealed, their pain and fear ripples outward and it spreads. Sandra Wilson’s book title sums it up, “Hurt people, Hurt people.” The wounded victim can choose revenge or forgiveness. If they ignore or deny their own wounds rather than seek healing, the waves from those ripples can do great harm in the wake.

            Forgiveness is not easy. One must heal from their own wounds before they can truly offer forgiveness and compassion to another. In my opinion, it is easier to forgive the one who hurt us when we see them through the eyes of Christ. Behind the false bravado and bully tactics of those spewing hate and cruelty toward others, is a wounded victim screaming out for healing.  

            Today I prayed for more people practicing kindness, concern and graciousness. I also prayed for healing for my wounded brothers and sisters. The solution to our country’s division is for each of us to increase the size of the wave made by the ripple of love and kindness. Each act is just a small thing, but it could restore us to the United States and at the same time, further God’s will of bringing Heaven to Earth.

2 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. Charlotte Saponas June 20, 2019 — 4:14 pm

    Yes!!! 🤗


  2. That’s so true and beautiful. Reminded me of this poetic song by Hosanna Poetry called Tsunami. You should listen to it. Thank you again for your inspiration and wisdom 🙏🙏


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