When the Flow of Grace Becomes a Trickle


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

God has given me much grace to move forward in life. I loved working with students when I taught J.H.S. Special Education classes. Even though I loved my teaching job, my students had many challenges. Some of my students had a diagnosed behavior disorder and others were severely emotionally disturbed. Yet, God gave me incredible patience and endurance for the many challenges throughout my teaching career. Much like a river run dry, my patience, endurance and the grace to keep going eventually became a trickle.

            Years later, the same grace was flowing with abundance in the face of challenges in the homeless ministry. I will never forget the day I prayed for God’s help when a homeless veteran held an axe above his head as he threatened another homeless guest. God gave me wisdom, grace and courage to tell that homeless Veteran to “stand down.” I guarantee you, none of that courage was my own…it was ALL through the Grace of God.

            At other times the grace that was once flowed like a river had become a small trickle, almost dry…barely flowing at all. Most often, the trickle of grace caused me to turn to God and say, “What’s the deal?” (Yes, I talk to God as my best friend.) As it turned out, I learned through the discernment process that God was taking me in a new direction. The position, calling, or current job was no longer where God wanted me. I had served God’s purpose and it was time to move on. Those transitions took much prayer and discernment through conversation with my Spiritual Director.

            Once I discerned that God was calling me to something new, the grace of God once again became an abundant flow. Holy Spirit equipped and enabled me to do the next thing God wanted me to do.

            Have you experienced times of abundant grace? Were there times in your life when that flow of grace seemed to disappear into a tiny trickle in a dry riverbed? Sometimes it is a call to set boundaries or take better care of yourself. Other times, it may be God calling you elsewhere. It is important to discern what God may be telling you.

For more information about discernment, hearing God and following God’s call, contact us at Holy Listening. We are happy to answer your questions or set up an appointment for Spiritual Direction.

God’s peace and abundant grace to you,


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