I realized God answered my prayer for hope as I watched a tiny spider persevere in the effort to create this amazing web. Such effort, such perfection…around and around it went. I watched mesmerized as I sat in bed with my Bible open.

The truth is I hit a wall. There was just too much happening and none of it was good. The threat of war, abuse of children, white supremacist hate and a twitter feed of lies. I cried out, “Lord, is there no goodness in this country?” The spider was on its fourth or fifth row when I heard a slow, quiet whisper, “I am still good.” God reminded me that I just needed to persevere in hope.

My friend and spiritual mentor shared a definition of “hope” from author and speaker Derek Prince. “Hope is a serene, confident expectation of good.” Hope is not just passive and serene; it is also confident. Hope takes faith. I’ve had many experiences in my life of hope breaking through. By faith, I knew that somehow God would make a way when the way seemed impossible. I knew at the core of my being, that our God…is still good. God helped me see that having hope today takes both faith and effort. Through that tiny spider’s actions I began to notice the good.

  • I noticed a group of Jewish youth protesting the imprisonment of children in cages. These Jewish youth knew (from shared family experience) that the horrors of the Holocaust could not be far behind these encampments. They marched and sang to express their love and support for those children locked in a prison based on hate and greed.
  • One of my neighbors posted a note saying she was traveling to Florida to protest and  requested  supplies for those children torn from the arms of their parents. I could not keep up with all the messages and offers of support pouring in from all over town, not just from our neighborhood.
  • I noticed the care and compassion my writing group showed our group leader when her father received bad news after a recent medical appointment.

            We must each continually look for (and create) the goodness we want to see. We must as Derek Prince says, “Hold a serene, confident expectation of good.” I want to encourage you today. There is hope. I saw glimpses of it this week. Hope is in a caring act, each phone call to an ailing friend, each meal purchased for a hungry family, each blanket donated to a homeless shelter, each letter written to take a stand for love and kindness

            There are layers and layers of goodness all around us. Like the tiny spider creating this web, we just need to persevere in the serene, confident expectation of God’s goodness.  

4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Charlotte Saponas July 1, 2019 — 8:14 pm

    Harold Kushner says in the Nine Essential Things I’ve Learned About Life…… sometimes God says “not yet”.
    I like that……


    1. Thanks for sharing Charlotte. So true! I’ve learned that I need not ask, “God are you answering my prayer?” rather, “God HOW are you answering my prayer.” 😉


      1. Charlotte Saponas August 28, 2019 — 7:20 pm

        I used your HOPE writing today for a devo at the end of our CA group meeting.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Charlotte! I pray your participants were blessed. 😉


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