Seams of Gold

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Sometimes I say I have a spiritual learning challenge and God needs to draw me pictures. This may explain why I see visions from time to time. Now before you rush off to buy me one of those white jackets with the sleeves that tie in the back, let me explain.

          God has given me visions in dreams and sometimes during prayer for a specific person, place or people group. Other times, I see visions during a church service or while offering a healing prayer. If you are following my blog, you know I just wrote a post on the topic of Hope. Today I saw a vision that brought me hope for the United States of America.

          You may want to see this link for a context of the vision. It truly lifted my spirit and I want to share it with you on this day celebrating our country’s birth.

Translated to “golden joinery,” Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi, which means “golden repair”) is the centuries-old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with a special lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Beautiful seams of gold glint in the cracks of ceramic ware, giving a unique appearance to the piece.

This repair method celebrates each artifact’s unique history by emphasizing its fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them. Kintsugi often makes the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original, revitalizing it with new life.

          The vision I received feels timely for this Fourth of July. I was less than enthusiastic in celebrating given what is happening in our country today. Yet the vision I saw, gave me hope.

          I saw a map of the United States. Just below the middle of the country, maybe three fourths of the way down dividing the north from the south, I saw a golden line. I immediately thought of the Japanese repair method of Kintsugi. I found hope in the description as well. “Kintsugi often makes the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original, revitalizing it with new life.”

          I pray this Fourth of July we celebrate our country’s unique history, including our fractures and breaks. I pray we no longer hide or disguise our wounds but open them to the golden repair of God’s Love. May our country be even more beautiful than before, revitalizing it with new life. Amen.  

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