Take Time to Listen

This post is written for Five Minute Friday

            Some books are worth reading a second or third time. This week, I’m reading (again) Robert Wick’s book, Seeds of Sensitivity-Deepening Your Spiritual Life. This book caught my eye because I am considered an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Yes, there is such a thing.  My hubby can attest to this after witnessing my total melt down while the neighbor’s cherry bombs and missile fireworks shook our house on the Fourth of July. Sensitivity has been on my mind.

            Wick’s book has three main sections. 1) Sensitivity to Self 2) Sensitivity to Others and 3) Deep Sensitivity (Piercing the Darkness and Street Sensitivity.)

            Seeds of Sensitivity helped me see the gift in my sometimes-challenging personality trait. One of the basic themes throughout the book is the word “listen.” As a spiritual director, I take time to listen. I listen both to what is said and not said. Listening comes more easily for me as a highly sensitive person.

            Listening is rare today. Our cell phone, computer or the latest technological gadget keeps us distracted. Sadly, we even ignore the person sitting across from us. We miss the gift of being present to the person we are with.

            All of this to say, take time to listen. Listen without judgement, try not to give advice and avoid inserting your own story.  Just take time to listen. We heal our broken world one person at a time when we deeply listen to each other.

2 thoughts on “Take Time to Listen

  1. Thank you for sharing! Wise words.


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