This post is written for Five Minute Friday. The word for today is AGAIN.

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash

Again, I cry to you oh Lord

How much longer this war and strife

the guns, the hate that steal life?

Again, I ask when will it end?

Who will stop it, who will you send?

Me? Oh Lord, what can I do?

You say to me, We are two.

I am with you until the end.

You’re not alone if you I send.

Be the light in the dark of hell

Love the ones afraid to tell.

Heal the hate, the fear, the pain

My love received will make the change.

Comfort the child torn from father’s arms

Pour out my love I will disarm.

Stay close to me do not give up!

A new world I will construct.

Do not give up

Do not fear.

Trust me child…

I hold all the tears.

5 thoughts on “Again

  1. David A. Burnet August 9, 2019 — 8:20 am


    And a good post for Holy Listening, it seems to me.


  2. Agree. Will repost when the timing is right/ripe.


  3. Great post, very apropos for me, and y’all inspired a onnet.

    “No, my friend, you cannot die!”
    Yes, I can, and yes, I must,
    now hush, child, and dry your eyes,
    because we serve a God that’s just.
    I know you wanted me to live
    as long as you and maybe longer,
    but this is something I can’t give;
    I’m subject to a will that’s stronger.
    He bade me document the journey
    through cancer’s Mordor-gate
    so that others might not worry
    when they found this was their fate.
    In the midst of pain His love abounds,
    to be proclaimed with trumpet-sounds.

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Darn. ‘Sonnet’, not ‘onnet’!


    2. Thanks for sharing Andrew. As much as you write about death or dying, I find you very much full of life. 😉


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