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This post is written for Five Minute Friday

            Every time I drove in the large iron gates of the retreat center (a former convent) I let out a long deep sigh, my heart rate slowed and everything moved at a gentler pace. I always looked forward to my trips to the retreat center because I learned many lessons during my time as an Associate with the Sisters of Mercy. Each Sister carried so much grace and wisdom and I studied their way of being in the world.  

            I recall one lesson from a Sister who worked as a Kindergarten teacher. She shared that she often scurried from here to there at such a rapid pace that sometimes it left her breathless. Then she said, “I knew I needed to slow down!” Today, when I am frenetic, I apply the lesson she taught us. Just two words. Heel-Toe.

            She demonstrated what she meant. “Think about your steps—be conscious and aware of your steps. First as you step on your heel and then as your toe connects with the floor.” She showed us what she meant. We watched in awe and experienced the gentleness and peace that came with those words and that concentration on her steps, “Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe”

Do you need to slow down your pace? If so, you may want to try it.


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5 thoughts on “Heel-Toe

  1. Good advice! I think even being conscious of our pace can help us slow down.


  2. Charlotte Saponas August 24, 2019 — 12:26 pm

    Wonderful advice! 😊


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