Practicing Presence

            I love October and all things fall so my visceral reaction didn’t surprise me. I think I may have said aloud, “You’ve got to be kidding!” Unfortunately, the invasion of Christmas takes over my favorite time of year—at least in the stores.

            I looked to my left and saw all things pumpkin on the shelves. Halloween costumes and candy, fall garland leaves and lovely fall décor. Christmas trees and row after row of lights and ornaments dazzled to my right. Ugh.

            I think we need to slow down, not speed up. Sadly, the Christmas season threatened to swallow my favorite time of year. It saddens me that we can’t seem to enjoy the present—especially this time of year.

            All of you who love Christmas and all things winter may disagree. You cannot wait until December and look forward to tossing the pumpkins and shoving the fall decorations back into storage boxes. However, there is more to my message of Holiday lament.

            I encourage you to take your time this coming Holiday Season. Slow down. Savor the moment and practice being in the present. Cut back on commitments if you can and simplify your giving. Spend time with the people you are with before rushing out the door to yet another party or gathering. When you have made a commitment to be present to those you are with, do not rush off to another place. I guarantee if you slow down and stop rushing through the season, your children will have fewer meltdowns, you will be less stressed and everyone will be happier in the moment.

Practice Presence. Slow down this Holy-day season. Rest in Holy awe with the loved ones you are visiting. Slowing down can start right now, in this moment, as you begin the practice of being present. After all, soon it will be Valentine’s Day in November.

1 thought on “Practicing Presence

  1. Charlotte Saponas October 3, 2019 — 12:53 pm

    Yes!!! 😊


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