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This post is written for Five Minute Friday. The word for today is “Listen.”

            Four Hundred twelve (412.) That is how many times the word listen or listening occurs in the NIV Bible. Four HUNDRED and twelve! That tells me the word listen is incredibly important in God’s Word.

            A quick search (Hey, I only have five minutes here) shows that some Greek translations of listen mean to obey, attend to, and to be a hearer. Words such as attentively, carefully, and cling to are frequently used beside the word listen in the Bible.  

            The bottom line is, when it comes to God’s spoken or written word, we are not to halfheartedly listen as we sometimes do while checking Facebook or texting on our phone. No, we are to cling to the Word and obey it. We are to follow Jesus when He says, Listen.

            How much are you attending to, obeying or otherwise clinging to God’s Word? Allow yourself more than five minutes to consider the word listen. Four Hundred twelve (412) could take some time.

             I’ll be here if you want to share what you have learned and I’ll be listening (clinging to) every word you say.   

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4 thoughts on “Listen

  1. David A. Burnet October 4, 2019 — 2:25 pm

    I’ve been learning to converse with God more often. After all, Immanuel is always with me!

    It’s more casual, more often, and more as I would talk with another friend.

    Jesus doesn’t often give me new things to do or attitudes to change. That’s sort of rare, these days. When it happens though, it’s for a very good reason!

    So I am ready to hear. In an attitude of listening more. And this is good.

    I experience more Presence than words or something to actually hear. Yet I am listening more. Interesting, and not what I would have expected.

    Lot’s more Presence, and I understand the Hebrew notion of God’s Face much more.

    So that’s what I’m hearing these days, and how I’m listening.


  2. It’s bad today, and tomorrow
    will be too horrible to mention;
    since I need some strength tomorrow,
    God, you’ve got my full attention.
    I’ve been ripped up, down, and sideways
    and been roasted in the flames,
    and it seems that, really, always,
    cancer’s kicking a** and taking names.
    But there’s one Name I can call on,
    it’s a Name that just won’t fail,
    picks me up when I have fallen
    and together we prevail.
    When this earthly race is done,
    real Life will have just begun.

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Oops.

      The third line should read, “since I need some strength to borrow”

      Using exactly the same word to achieve a rhyme scheme is bad form, rather gauche, what?


  3. Proofing never ends eh Andrew? 😉


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