A Quiet Rest this Holiday Season

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

This is the year to simplify my Holidays. Before I tell you more, let me begin by thanking each of you for subscribing or following my blog. It is a blessing to write what God puts on my heart and share it with my readers.

          We started a new tradition this year. We are simplifying the Holidays. Our family has already celebrated Thanksgiving. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and get together at my daughter’s home this past Sunday. Last year, we drew names to see who would host Thanksgiving the following year. Each family member brings something to contribute to the meal. What a delightful experience that was for all of us! The best part is, once my daughter and son-in-law cleaned the last dish, they could revel in the fact that someone “else” would host next year.

          Our extended family is growing and now that our granddaughters are getting older, their family celebrations at home on Thanksgiving Day will create new memories and traditions for them.

          Perhaps it’s age or perhaps it’s just a desire for the simple life, but I’m slowing down, doing less and letting go of the frenetic rush of the Holiday Season. I want to “reclaim” Christ in Christmas and simplify our traditions. This year I will put up a smaller tree, fewer decorations and say no to more parties. Our focus will be on the quiet waiting of Advent and welcoming the Christ child. To that end, I’m offering “Reclaiming Christ in Christmas” through the small group “Cup of Living Water” on our Holy Listening Facebook page.

         I hope you will join us for a quiet place of rest during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Join our small group (Cup of Living Water) at Holy Listening on Facebook starting Monday, December 2 and through the month of December to reclaim Christ in your Christmas.

          Today, my readers are on my heart and I’m thankful for you. I pray that your Thanksgiving Day is warm, blessed and full of joy and much love. Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings!


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