Photo by Luke Brugger on Unsplash

Nesting—it is what all mothers do when they are expecting. It involves getting things in order, putting items away that may have been sitting out for a while. It might even mean moving furniture around. They are preparing the nest like most of nature. That’s what I have been doing this Advent Season. There is a quiet “knowing” that God is on the move.

            In the birth process, the contractions before the real contractions are called Braxton Hicks. Believe me, they feel real, but they are just the preparation for the birth of the child. It is the body’s way of getting ready for birth. I believe that is what is happening in the Body of Christ this Advent season.

            For whatever reason, this Advent feels different. The contractions feel, well—real. So I am nesting, preparing the home and my spiritual life for the coming of the new that God is bringing. God’s people are getting ready for the new birth, for a greater anointing of the real.

            Much like a new parent, there is an expectant waiting and underlying excitement with quiet joy. Do you feel it? Are you experiencing the coming birth of the “new” in your life?  Holy Spirit is definitely active, moving around, getting ready. Oh! What joy there is in the coming of new birth. Even now, I hear a quiet but emphatic word from God—People Get Ready!

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