That Grandma

Photo by Rainy Wong on Unsplash

Thirty years ago, I often said, “Let’s go Grandma!” when I was stuck behind an older and slower driver. I’m not proud to admit that about myself thirty years later, because now I am that Grandma.

            I’m traveling to see my soon to be 99-year-old mother more often now. This past weekend I am certain the majority of drivers were going more than eighty miles per hour. Apparently the posted speed limit is “too slow” because more than one car sped around me. I remember a time when the far right lane was considered the slow lane and one never tried to pass a car from that lane, much less dart in and out to find the next empty space.

            My point is—we are moving too quickly through life. I understand now why “that Grandma” I used to complain about was moving slowly. She wasn’t rushed or burdened by all the tasks of family life. She didn’t need to rush her kid to soccer practice, piano lessons or baseball games. That Grandma had lived long enough to learn how to savor time. That Grandma probably had grand babies who suddenly turned four or five years old when what seemed like yesterday, she held them in her arms and rocked them to sleep.

            Slowing down may not be an option when you are thirty. However, if I could give any advice to that thirty year old who used to say, “Let’s Go Grandma,” it would be this. Stop rushing; you will get to your destination. Stop cramming your schedule so full or filling up your children’s schedule with activities until they are ready to drop. Savor time. You’ve heard this before from people my age. Time passes too quickly. Your children need time just to be. You need time just to be. Frenetic doesn’t look good on anyone.

            I’m smiling as I delight in being “that Grandma” today because I am savoring every minute I have with my grandchildren. I’m savoring the fact that I don’t have to rush. I’m savoring the heel-toe pace I’m traveling today. I am also savoring the right lane as I whisper under my breath to the guy in the mustang tailgating me. “Slow down kid—you’ll get to your destination, although at the rate you’re going, it may not be in one piece.”

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