Two Quotes and a Number

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Sometimes a quote just jumps off the page. That happened to me this week. It was actually two quotes and a number. The first quote is from Helen Calder of Enliven Ministries based in Australia. She said, “This is a year, in which many of us who have been waiting for a move of God, are realizing we ARE the move of God.”

            The second quote is from Victoria State Emergency Services Minister, Lisa Neville. She said, “At least 8 inches of rain would need to fall over a short period of time in order to snuff out the fires – around 20 times what has fallen across the region in the past day.”

            Eight (8) That is the number. I believe nothing is impossible for God. I also believe there are many people who have the gift of intercession (prayer) and can implore our God to bring exactly that—exactly eight inches of rain in a short period of time.

            Australia desperately needs our prayers. So I’m asking. Some of you may know a few intercessors and some may know more. Please forward this request to three OR seven people you believe are gifted prayer warriors. Send this request to those who have no doubt Heaven moves when people pray.

            It is that clear—that easy. Forward this and realize we ARE the move of God!

Thank you for your prayers.

C.L. Burger

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2 thoughts on “Two Quotes and a Number

  1. Wise!

    I love it when you are like this. I admire this a lot in you.

    Just keep on being you, or I should say, being prophetic you. -David Burnet


    1. Thank you, David. Sometimes I do what I’m supposed to. At least I’m trying to be more obedient. 😉


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