One Writer’s Epiphany

Photo by Drew Thomas on Unsplash

I have no idea why it took me so long to figure it out. More established authors reading this will probably respond with, “Well, duh!” For me, it was a writer’s epiphany.

            The end of the year and transition into the New Year is a time of goal setting, resolution making (although I gave up resolutions for Lent several year ago) and creating business plans for the New Year.

            My epiphany came I suppose, from feeling stuck. I was stuck because other writers knew exactly what they wanted to work on. Several of my author friends had already started on new projects. Let’s just say I wasn’t there yet. Like the proverbial light bulb popping on over my head, the sizzle and snap of the light bulb popped on while talking with a friend about the books I’m reading. Yes, I said the plural form of book because I read several books at a time. My friend asked, “How can you do that?” “It depends on my mood and what I want in the moment.” There it was—the light was so bright it nearly blinded me! I need to write like I read!

            I can’t just work on one writing project at a time; I need to work on several. No wonder I was stuck! Hallelujah for sweet freedom from the land of stuck! Suddenly, ideas started flooding in. I couldn’t write the projects fast enough! The list included books, articles, devotionals, Bible studies, blog posts and podcasts. (Did you notice podcast? Yep. I’m going there soon.) I’m giddy with excitement and grateful to God, the giver of all epiphanies.

I’m looking forward to 2020 and sharing more with my readers. Stay tuned by adding your email to my mailing list below and following me at C.L. Burger Author/Spiritual Director on Facebook or on Holy Listening. Now when people ask me what I’m writing, I tell them, “I write like I read, I am working on several writing projects, not just one.”

            Thanks for reading. Blessings to you in 2020. Join me in making this a year worth celebrating. May God give you a year full of delightful epiphanies.


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3 thoughts on “One Writer’s Epiphany

  1. What a wonderful insight! Thank you for sharing this – I am pretty sure I’ll find something parallel in my life. I read books the same way you describe.


    1. Thanks, David. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. 😉 I’m glad I finally did.


  2. How is David’s wife doing?


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