Pastel Christian

I cleaned the cat box, did the laundry, and organized some drawers. All of these fall into one neat package of procrastination. Why am I avoiding the writing task in front of me? I finally figured it out. I’m not a pastel Christian. Now before all you lovers of pink hit delete, let me explain.

            The submission was for a lovely organization with a homepage full of flowers and pink pastel. Even the font on the website appeared in pastel colors. The guidelines for submissions spelled out the topics and types of pieces they will accept. The parameters were clear. “How is God working in your life, your children’s lives, your family, your PTA group?” The boundaries were evident. They wanted submissions that would not upset the readers. In other words, keep it light and fluffy and—nice. I mean no offense if you love pastels. However, when it comes to being a Christian and a writer who speaks the truth (some say too boldly at times) pastel is not my color of Christianity.

            I believe the American Christian church has gone soft. (Dang, that is bold eh?) Today’s Christian wants a neatly wrapped faith of answered prayer and no struggle. If everything remains status quo and nice, then we’re good. Right? No! Jesus never told us we would not struggle. In fact, He said the opposite. He told his disciples they would struggle in the world. He also reminded them not to fear, to keep their eyes on Him, to have faith, take a risk and step out of the boat.

            America is messy right now. As a follower of the Way of Jesus, I need to step out in faith. Am I willing to take risks that others won’t take? Am I willing to tell the truth when the truth is covered in a manure pile of lies? I had better be, or I’m not really the kind of follower Jesus is looking for.

            Our faith will be tested and called to question in the future. We can no longer wrap our Christian faith in rose-colored paper and tie it off with a bow. We must be ready to help the downtrodden, free the captives and speak the truth in love even when we are ridiculed for doing so. That’s not easy. In fact, it gets messy sometimes.

            God fashioned me to be as wary as a serpent, as gentle as a dove and often both at the same time. That does not mean I stop praying for and loving those who may disagree with my call as a Christian. What it does mean is I need to speak up, be bold, have faith and do what Jesus did. Yes, that includes turning over the tables and upsetting the status-quo. Are you a comfortable pastel Christian or are you willing to step into the messiness of being a true disciple of Jesus?

            Messy and pastel seldom go well together. It may have taken some procrastination to figure it out, but at least my cat is happy.

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