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My husband stared out our window. “I can’t believe there are so many leaves on that tree!” Back in December, I wrote a post about our tree with a reminder that being transplanted creates growth.

            This pandemic has transplanted millions of people. Lost jobs, daily routines grind to a halt while stress breeds under the shelter in place mandates. It seems our lives change daily depending on the latest news. We wonder if survival is in our future. It’s easy to feel discouraged if our focus is on the negative. Yet scripture reminds us that God is with us and for us. If you don’t believe me, dust off your Bible and read Psalm 91. Can you take a few minutes to meditate on God’s Word rather than the bad news? Read the Psalm more than once—soak in it and trust that God is with you.

            Now I know some of you might be saying, “That’s easier said than done.” Jesus reminds us that it only takes a mustard seed of faith to move a mountain. My friends, this virus IS a mountain and today—we need prayer and faith to move it. I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on what God is doing in the middle of what appears to be a hopeless situation.

            The tree in our backyard is a daily reminder of God’s promise of new life and restoration. In the middle of this crisis, I see families bonding, strength growing through united struggle and shared compassion for our elders. Let’s continue together in prayer for eyes to see what God is doing. I believe we are growing through transplant. Keep your eyes on God and look for new life. When you do, you will not only survive—you will thrive!        

Please reach out to if you would like prayer and encouragement or you need someone to talk to. We are here for you.

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2 thoughts on “Transplanted

  1. A good message; and on behalf of us all, I thank you! I would write more, but I’ve got a psalm to go read slowly and with heart intent. Immanuel is with us and for us! Amen.


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