4 thoughts on “Sucked In

  1. I can see how this can happen all too easily. I get caught up in things, too; and it all seemed so personal. Just one person. And I hurt for a day, most of a day, as a result.

    It’s so easy to slip into the muck. Easy to wonder how someone else can. Then it’s personal, and oops! There we are, going down that slippery slope with no brake.

    You’re right. Immerse ourselves in the One who is Good. Word. Spirit. And whatever way especially speaks to our condition.

    Thank you for your refreshing honesty and frank message. Sure makes my slips easier to recognize and admit to, and I bet I’m not the only one.


    1. You are welcome, David. Always glad to share a slice of my humble pie.


  2. Charlotte Saponas September 7, 2020 — 8:48 am

    This is a difficult time on so many fronts! I, too, can get in a stew. Then…. i go through trying to let it go…. giving the whole mess to God — and then spending the rest of the day trying not to take it back!


    1. I hear you, Charlotte. It’s like handing God a ball of twisted yarn and then pulling on the string to take it back. 😉


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