Turning Point

Photo by Waranont (Joe) on Unsplash

Today, we have a choice to make. Many of us prayed (for a long while now) for a shift in the atmosphere from hate to love, from darkness to light, from fear to faith. My sense is—the shift has arrived. We are on the edge of the light for which we so fervently prayed.

            We can walk in the light, or join the darkness. The choice we make today is between love and hate. After years and months of fervent prayer for rescue from oppression and abuse, from overwhelm to peace, from fear to faith—this is our moment of choice.

            Recently, I had a dream of walking through a dark forest, thick with overgrown trees and brush. Suddenly, I found myself on the beach showered in sunshine, sand beneath my feet with a chorus of ocean waves before me. The words “You have arrived” accompanied my dream. I didn’t know what the dream meant, but I believe it revealed a critical turning point. The interesting thing about the dream was my location. I was on the edge of the dark forest I just traveled through, yet also on the edge of the beach surrounded by light. It was on that edge where I had to choose which way to turn. Do I turn and go back into the darkness or walk into the light toward the ever-expanding ocean?

            Today, we can turn toward hate and spiteful pleasure at someone else’s downfall—or we can choose the light of God’s mercy and love. Ultimately, we must each stand firm in the light or—not. We can fall into the dark celebration of justice served, or we can intercede and show God’s love and mercy for the broken—no matter how sharp their edges.

What choice will you make?

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5.

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