My recent prayer vision of two giant hands reaching down uprooting a tree is clearer now. I asked God for the meaning of that vision. What came to me is, “I’m transplanting you.”

This has been a more than a tumultuous year. It feels like someone or something is reaching down, uprooting and disturbing our comfort zone. It is important for our sanity (if nothing else!) to discern with Holy Spirit, what is happening.

I am NOT saying that God sent a pandemic, or murder hornets, or hurricanes, or any other disasters.  I’m not one of those Christians who believes that if I step out of bounds, or don’t follow every rule in the book—that God will wipe me out to punish me. Ugh. What an awful way to view our loving, grace-filled God.

God is good. So good! When we believe that—truly believe it—we can ask God what good thing He wants to bring out of these dire times. What have I learned from the loss, challenges, and the upheaval in my life because of COVID-19 and other calamities? How is God turning this chaos to good? (See Romans 8:28)

Uprooting, although disturbing and challenging, can mean good things ahead. For me, it means letting go of stagnation in a place I am currently planted so I may grow and rise to the light of God. It means that God loves me (and you) too much to leave us planted in a place where we aren’t growing. I believe God is uprooting many of us amid the chaos of 2020.

What about you? How are you experiencing the upheaval of 2020? Are you prayerfully asking, “God, what good thing are You going to do with me and for me in 2021?”

Many blessings and Merry Christmas!


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  • Photo by Pavel Neznanov on Unsplash

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