Turn Around!

Dear Christians who joined or cheered as the so-called patriots desecrated our nation’s capital. Know this—you don’t represent me as an American or as a Christian. Yes, I’ll even say boldly—you don’t represent Jesus as you march with the crowd of rabid bullies. The incited vitriol and resulting coup attempt by the outgoing president did not defend democracy OR represent the Christian faith. Your actions wounded our democracy and grieved Holy Spirit.

            Where were your Christian leaders who laid hands upon the man they claimed God anointed to lead this country? True followers of Jesus hoped these leaders would admit they were wrong to stand by him no matter what. Many of us prayed for those of you who, without thinking, believed his lies, swallowed the conspiracy theories, ignored the destruction and defended the president’s hate-filled rants. Compassion allows me to see you blindly followed because your beloved Fox reporter, local prophet or republican representative, said you were faithful and that Jesus wears a robe of red, white and blue. Sadly, there was no repentance modeled by those same leaders. Nope! We got crickets! The leaders who told you Trump was God’s man may never admit they failed you when they told you to stand by him as good Christians should. It’s too late for that. Yet, there is some good news. It may not be too late for you to turn around and go a new direction.

            You can still confess you were foolish to believe conspiracy theories of aliens and evil Satanist, pedophile Democrats. (Really?) There is still time to recognize that the “shepherd” you so boldly support with your flag-draped camo outfit is using you for his own agenda and greed. He is using you to do his dirty work, and he lied to you all along the way.

          I pray that Holy Spirit removes the scales of deception from your eyes and that you finally see the “god” you’ve been obeying with your Christian nationalism (or worse) supremacist rants is not a god at all. I pray that you turn away from your faithless idol, and back to God who calls you to turn around before it IS too late. You may claim, “But, I’m a peaceful supporter of this president.” Enough! I pray you recognize your guilt by association now, admit you missed the mark and no longer disgrace yourself or the Christian faith.

            God is merciful and patient. God is waiting for you to take off (or better yet, throw away) the MAGA hat of your false god and humbly bow to the True God. I pray that you know deep in your spirit, that it is only by God’s grace and loving mercy that you still have time to admit that you were wr—wro—wrong.

Turn around!

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

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4 thoughts on “Turn Around!

  1. I don’t mind your post — but it’s not fair to lump all Republicans together. I do NOT in any way condone what Trump incited at the Capital last Wednesday. He and all there need to be punished. This is not what i consider our country to be. But… nor were all the West coast BLM fires and riots and losses to so many small businesses.
    There is plenty of blame all around– but– true…. the worst is that the President of our country did such a dispicable act(s).
    Charlotte Saponas


    1. I’m encouraged to hear that you are not supporting the president’s actions. I will be more careful in my writing given your comment. I think the Republicans in Congress have been complicit for sure. As news reports show, the treatment of the white rioters at the capitol was quite different than how the BLM rioters were treated when they were at the capitol. This is a divide our country needs to address for sure. Our country has much healing to do in so many ways. I pray under the new administration we will become what our name suggests…the UNITED states of America. Thanks for your comments, Charlotte.


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