Dear Friends and Gifted Intercessors,

          I’m writing to ask you to pray to halt the tactics of the enemy. It is time to worship and thank God (in advance) for stopping the planned violence this week. It is time to ask God to help us turn around and become what Jesus calls us to be—God’s Love and Light in a dark world.

          It will be a challenge to accept what I write here if you are a Christian who supported Donald Trump based on the advice of well-known church leaders. Please know that at least some are apologizing (You may want to skip to the end for the actual reasons.) Sadly, their late apology may not prevent the violence that is in store before January 20th. However, your prayers for God’s protection and mighty stand against the enemy will make a difference.  

          Some of you donated to “good Christian causes.” They have deceived you. This article may shock you when you read about a source of funding for the far Christian Right (Extremist) groups who carried out the attempted coup of our Government. Do not be discouraged or afraid. God can and will turn this around.

          I pray that God STOP the planned violence, protect the innocent and for angel warriors to stand  in the enemy’s way in his attempt to kill and destroy. Be fervent in your praying. Plead the case for the innocent, and for God’s truth to prevail. Pray also for Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the spiritually blind. Our united prayers will release a dominant force for change.

          Please do not set this aside. Begin now! Pray as you have never prayed before! If you know someone who is a gifted intercessor—please share this post.

          Watch and See. There is a Great Move of God happening. Pray and give thanks that our God who is IN you is Greater than he who is in the world!

We are on Holy Ground.

On my knees in prayer with you,

C.L. Burger

Photo by Daniel Bosse on Unsplash

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